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MV8 6.0L

The MV8 6.0L takes your on-water experience to the next level, exclusively featuring variable valve timing for extra performance.The dual-equal hydraulic cam phaser that adjusts camshaft timing at same rate for intake and exhaust valves; advancing cam timing for low end torque and retarding cam timing for high RPMhorsepower. Like the 5.7L, the 6.0L has been certified for tournament use by the American Water Ski Association.



Number of Cylinders8


Power Rating285 kW @ 5200 RPM (382 HP)

Peak Torque411 ft-lbs @ 4200 RPM

Compression Ratio9:6:1

Valve ConfigurationOverhead Valves (2 per cylinder)

Valve LiftersHydraulic Roller

Firing Order1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

Bore and Stroke101.60 x 92.00 mm

Bore Center111.76 mm

Engine Weight (with V-drive transmission)1070 lbs (486 kg)

Emissions ControlsCatalyst. O2 Sensor. ECU Controlled. OBD-M


Cylinder BlockCast Iron

Cylinder HeadCast Aluminum

Intake ManifoldCast Aluminum Upper and Lower

Exhaust ManifoldCast Iron

CrankshaftCast Iron with Undercut and Rolled Fillets

Connecting RodsForged Powdered Metal