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About the Board

CWB Ti With JT Bindings - For the rider who wants a lot of pop off the wake is the way to go. Built with a Continuous Rocker, this board offers easy tracking up the wake where the wide tip and tail come into play to give you tons of pop. A subtle bottom feature keeps the board speedy with four fins to help you track and land with predictability. Its Slight V-Tech in the tip and tail will soften the landings and the Subtle Lifted Rail makes this board forgiving. This package also features the pleasure enjoying CWB JT bindings. The Infinity Plate is very light and strong and key flex points give you more side to side movement while still maintaining heel to toe responsiveness. You'll have a Cush liner with Shock Pads to help displace the energy generated on those hard landings and a Deep Heel Pocket to make sure you're always secure to have at another wake. The Mesh Panel Construction provides some breathability while also keeping the bindings light.If you're looking for comfort, flex and performance then you need not look further than the CWB JT Wakeboard Bindings


About the Boots

Josh Twelker has more style in his little toe than most wakeboarders have in their whole body. To help him tweak and poke his board he needs a boot that is supportive but flexible. The JT boot is built with key flex points that allow more side to side movement while still maintaining heel to toe responsiveness. These boots are so comfortable all you need to do is step into a pair to understand why the JT boots have been the most popular pro boot in CWB’s line for years.

Sizes: XS (6-8) , S (8-9) , M (9-10) , L (10-11) , XL (11-12) , XXL (12-13)

2014 CWB Ti Wakeboard + JT Boots Package

Wakeboard Size - 136,141

Boot size - XS (6-8) , S (8-9) , M (9-10) , L (10-11) , XL (11-12) , XXL (12-13

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